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Shaft Switching technique

Weaving of pictures / shapes with four shafts and four treadles.

22.-25. August 2019 

Thread-lifting technique is used to weave picture carpets. The technique of raising them was popular with Peter Collingwood, a well-known English master, artist and teacher. His works were known as complex 3D structures. He published five books on weaving. He became a well-known teacher in the 1960s. 

For many weavers, however, his loom and the technique of lifting threads were too expensive and complicated. That's why weavers started to figure out simplistic ones. One such weaver is Nina Floderus. She sells her own system, which consists of already set headlesses. Her FB page is here

However, there is something similar in Estonia where  weavers used that to weave Muhu skirts. 

An overview of one possible weaving / technique way can be found in the IIDA Blog


Starting Aug. 22 at 14.00

Completion 25th of August at 13.00

Training cost 250. –

Overnight stay free of charge

Materials included in the price

Meals 55.-


Place... IIDA Handicraft School Vändra, Estonia 

Teacher: Eva-Liisa Kriis 

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If you have any questions, please call and write 5346 7366