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Beginner's Loom Weaving Class

27.-30. June 2019

  • this course provides you with basic knowledge of weaving.
  • you learn to assemble and understand the looms (farm looms and finnish looms)
  • you measure the thread material
  • you can find two of the easiest and most common tie ups .... twill and plain weave
  • you will learn to apply looms according to these tie ups
  • you can weave your example pieces
  • you can get a working book
  • you can do all the work on the course yourself


Started June 27 at 14:00

End of June 30 at 13:00


Cost of training 200.- €

Overnight stay free of charge

Materials Included

Meals 55.- €


Place ... IIDA Handicraft School  Vändra, Estonia


Teacher: Eva-Liisa Kriis 

(teacher introduction)


If you have any questions, please call and write +372 5346 7366