The Open House of the IIDA Museum.
IIDA Handicraft School 10th anniversary event

August 3, beginning at 10:00
August 4th end at 17.00

Introducing the collection of looms at the IIDA Museum:

* Jacquard Loom and Dobby Loom made by Tõnis Tilk  .... in working order.
* AVL computer controlled loom ... in working order.
* The 200-hook Jacquard Loom from Boras, Sweden  .... in working order.
* Karl Kärsin's Dobby Loom .... renovation started.
* Olga Tilu Jacquard Loom ..... not working.
* Linda Lehtla's Peter Vilumsons original Loom ... renovation started
* Damast Loom from Estonia ... in working order
* We advise and answer questions about weaving.

More about our Looms here

For the evening of August 3, there is a casserole dinner followed by a  Sauna.
4th of August tasty soup for lunch.

If you wish, you can spend the night in the house and we have enough room for camping.

Registration is required.

Dress code: Dark clothing

The event is FREE!

If the bats bother you, have some soothing refreshing drink. BYOB Please!

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